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Origin of Coffee

Yemen is the origin of Coffea Arabica, which derives its name from Qahwa Arabiyah. For centuries, Yemen was the world's only source of coffee which was exported from the Port of Al Makha and which permanently lent the name Mocha to the coffee of Yemeni origin.

Al-Ezzi Goals

Our commitment is to pay a fair price to the farmers and trade directly with the farmer cooperatives, to develop sustainable agricultural and long-term health for the Yemeni mountain communities.

Introducing modern post harvesting techniques and processes, implementing globally accepted standards of grading and classification, developing systems of fair trade and traceability and adopting highest technology in every business process is our modest tribute to this splendid coffee heritage and our responsibility to our discerning coffee consumers.


Organic Farming

Still farmed with traditional farming methods, Mocha Coffee is planted, picked and sorted by hand and sun-dried to preserve the best of nature.

100% Yemeni Coffee

Our policy of purchasing only dried coffee cherries guarantees the Mocha Coffee consists of 100% authentic Yemeni coffee.

Quality Standards

Our green beans are graded as per SCA Arabica Green Coffee Sandards

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